Who we are

Founded in 2001 METEC is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that was established to provide economic opportunities for families that live in Peoria, specifically those earning low-to moderate wages. We believe the road to improving ones economic well being, starts with financial literacy. Financial education is the core of every program METEC offers. METEC is a HUD-approved housing counseling supplier with expertise in homeownership and downpayment program administration. Our programs now serve more than seven counties including Peoria, Knox, Tazewell, Stark, Woodford, Mason, and Fulton.


Empowering families and individuals to improve their financial well-being through housing counseling, credit counseling, financial education, and employment preparation.











Homebuyer Education & Certification Program

The better educated borrowers are about the home-buying process, the more likely they are to successfully maintain homeownership. METEC’s home buying education programs do just that.

The Home Buyer education is available in English or Spanish 24/7 online or bi-monthly in a class room. Through the online class home buying education participants are able to study at their own pace, and at a time and place that are convenient to them. The class room is held every other month at METEC. See our class calendar for the next available class.

To signup for online Home Buyer Education classes go to Metec's ehomeamerica registration page. The cost is $50. Whether in person or online you will learn the steps to home buying:

  • Preparing for homeownership
  • Shopping for a home
  • Obtaining a home loan
  • Closing the Sale
  • Life as a Homeowner

Home Buyers Club

METEC’s Homebuyers Club assists first-time homebuyers who are not quite ready through the home buying process providing them with educational seminars, mutual peer and group support, clear and consistent information, and high quality guidance in buying a home. The club is a group of people helping and supporting each other as they travel the road to homeownership. For a complete description, click here.

Homeownership Downpayment Assistance Program

Saving for a home can be difficult and in spite of what’s happening in the housing market and the economy nationally, it’s still a good time buy a home in Peoria and surrounding counties. METEC is committed to making the dream of homeownership a reality. Our Home-buying Made Easy Program offers down-payment assistance to first time borrowers. See if you qualify.