Who we are

Founded in 2001 METEC is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that was established to provide economic opportunities for families that live in Peoria, specifically those earning low-to moderate wages. We believe the road to improving ones economic well being, starts with financial literacy. Financial education is the core of every program METEC offers. METEC is a HUD-approved housing counseling supplier with expertise in homeownership and downpayment program administration. Our programs now serve more than seven counties including Peoria, Knox, Tazewell, Stark, Woodford, Mason, and Fulton.


Empowering families and individuals to improve their financial well-being through housing counseling, credit counseling, financial education, and employment preparation.










Homebuyers Club

The Homebuyers Club goal is to assist first-time homebuyers in every way possible to become successful homeowners and to engage them in improving communities in Peoria and Central Illinois. The Homebuyers Club connects potential homebuyers very early in the home buying process, with all of the available resources, services and assistance, and keeps them involved in their neighborhood after they have purchased a home.

METEC recognizes that one of the most important aspects of its work is providing the educational opportunities to encourage lower-income families to believe they can own a home of their own.

How often are the Homebuyer's Club meetings?

Aspiring homebuyers apply to join the HBC with 10-15 other buyers who meet once a month for six- months. The semi-monthly meetings are 2 hours long. Because you are meeting after work a light meal is prepared for you and the kids.

The Homebuyers Club is run by Fred Stewart, Senior Housing Counselor.

What can the Homebuyer's Club do for me?

The Homebuyers Club is a guided support group for prospective homebuyers. The goal is to encourage the club members to save toward the down payment on a home and to give them the tools and knowledge required to prepare for the mortgage application and approval process.

How do I join the Homebuyer's Club?

Complete the intake sheet and email, mail, or fax back to the agency. Prospective homebuyers are interviewed by housing counselors to find out their level readiness for buying a home. When it is determined how much preparation is needed, new participants are invited to join the Homebuyers Club.

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