Who we are

Founded in 2001 METEC is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that was established to provide economic opportunities for families that live in Peoria, specifically those earning low-to moderate wages. We believe the road to improving ones economic well being, starts with financial literacy. Financial education is the core of every program METEC offers. METEC is a HUD-approved housing counseling supplier with expertise in homeownership and downpayment program administration. Our programs now serve more than seven counties including Peoria, Knox, Tazewell, Stark, Woodford, Mason, and Fulton.


Empowering families and individuals to improve their financial well-being through housing counseling, credit counseling, financial education, and employment preparation.




Financial Education

Credit and Budget

The more you know about credit and money management, the better position you will be in to take advantage of the benefits of good credit. Our credit counselors will work with you to reduce your monthly debt and provide counseling to help you improve your overall credit scores.

Fresh Start-Money Management

Fresh Start Financial Management Program offers financial management training to assist anyone who has been denied a checking account for bad credit, bankruptcy, or past problems with check systems. PNC will open a checking account for you even if you’ve been reported to ChecxSystems in the past (except where fraudulent activity was reported).

Predatory Lending

Predatory lending is deceptive, fraudulent, or unfair lending practices carried out by a lender to entice. Borrowers are induced into taking a mortgage that carries high fees, a high interest rates, that strips them of their equity and puts them in a mortgage they can’t afford, don’t need, or didn't ask for. When this happens foreclosure is often the answer homeowners face when they’re unable to pay. This situation affects not only the owner of the foreclosed property, but the entire neighborhood as well.

Mortgage Scams Identification

Beware of foreclosure rescue scams. If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is. Contact your lender or servicer to try and negotiate a workout or payment plan. Report any suspicious activity or unsolicited offers to the Attorney General’s office, Better Business, or police. To identify loan scams and mortgage fraud, during the intake process, clients will be asked the following: Did anyone offer to help modify your mortgage, either directly, through advertising, or by any other means such as a flyer? Were you guaranteed a loan modification or asked to do any of the following: pay a fee, sign a contract, redirect mortgage payments, sign over title to your property, or stop making loan payments?

If yes to any of the questions contact the Illinois Attorney General’s office or the Modification Scams Prevention Network webpage at www.preventloanscams.org. METEC Counselors will provide assistance in completing the required forms.